MORABU HANSHIN Industry Co.,Ltd.

Japan, mainly in Kansai Information and communication technology The information communication network industry of things

Solving a variety of issues with our three pillars - personnel dispatch, contracted system development, and personnel placement

Do you have these technology-related concerns?


  • We want to develop a system,
    but we don’t have the people for it...

  • Are there any engineers
    that can handle advanced system development...?

  • Are there any engineers
    with the flexibility we need...?

Job Seekers

  • I want to work for MORABU,
    but what should I do...?

  • I want to work as an engineer for ○○○○, but I’m afraid I might be assigned a position I don’t want...

can solve those problems!

can handle a wide range of issues

We can provide a response tailored to your company’s situation.

Our three business of dispatching, contracted development, and personnel placement can be utilized separately or in tandem to solve problems for multiple angles.

We can devise optimal solutions according to any other concerns you may have. Please feel free to reach out to us.

Numerous engineers, including those with experience in major companies

Choose the work style
that suits you best

You can also work for major companies that are difficult to get hired directly, or work as a full-time employee from the start through our personnel placement service. As another option, you can choose to work as a team member at MORABU Hanshin Industries.

Job Seeker → Major Company
Start out dispatched
as a full-time employee of MORABU to the position of your choice
Job Seeker → Team
Engaged in system development
as a MORABU HANSHIN Industry team member

Our Business

We support our clients in solving their technical issues with the advanced technical capabilities at the core of our business, cultivated in fields of
cutting-edge technology.

  • Personnel Dispatch

    Personnel Dispatch

    Dispatching engineers with skills that can be used immediately.

    An introduction to the engineers of MORABU HANSHIN Industry, centered on our full-time employees.

  • Contracted System Development

    Contracted System Development

    Supporting development with our proprietary technology.

    We can provide various types of development assistance at our disposal to meet your needs.

  • Personnel Placement

    Personnel Placement

    We can find the right person to suit your needs.

    Our recruitment assistance can help fill positions with minimal time and expense.

We at MORABU take great pride
in expressing ourselves in proper Japanese.