Personnel Dispatch

TOP Personnel Dispatch

MORABU HANSHIN Industry has a large number of skilled engineers who have cultivated their technical capabilities through our proprietary training programs.

We can dispatch personnel who are capable of handling the fields required when they are needed.

Technical Fields

  • Information Processing
    Control software related to electric power, automobiles, and plants, from requirement definition and development to testing and evaluation
  • Electrical & Electronics / Machinery
    System development for various fields in the electronics industry,
    from design to analysis and performance evaluation of electrical and electronic circuits
  • CAD / Chemistry /
    Engineering Support
    A wide range of other technical fields

The Strengths of MORABU HANSHIN Industry

We can quickly dispatch engineers with skills that can be used immediately. We offer support in ways such as technical training and mental care so that they can continue working at their dispatch position problem-free. Our strengths are varied, including the ability to quickly provide effective transfers to full-time positions if the worker and company are in agreement.

  • 01
    Technical Capabilities Cultivated in Fields of
    Cutting-Edge Technology
    Our company has a long track record of working with major companies in the development of technology. We continue to be involved with cutting-edge technology and are able to respond quickly and effectively. With our proprietary education system service as support, we continue to provide optimal technologies at all times.
  • 02
    Thorough Support System
    Even Post-Dispatch
    To ensure that our engineers continue to perform well, we perform periodic interviews and technical training post-dispatch. You can rest easy knowing that MORABU will help you maintain your mental health and improve your technical skills.
  • 03
    Dispatching New Graduates
    and Other Young Engineers
    We offer a “New Graduate Engineer Promotion System” that quickly develops the abilities of young engineers. We also have a system in which new graduates hired by MORABU and dispatched to companies can be hired as full-time employees there after three years.
  • 04
    Placement of Highly Skilled Non-Japanese Engineers
    We have at our disposal a large number of highly skilled non-Japanese engineers, primarily hailing from Asian countries. In response to a shortage of young personnel that can be hired domestically, many companies are looking abroad for hiring. MORABU was among the first to begin hiring non-Japanese staff and have a proven track record of hiring success.
  • 05
    Transfer to Full-Time Positions for Maximum Effectiveness
    Upon request, engineers hired as dispatched workers can be transferred to full-time positions if such a request is made. The experience and skills learned during the dispatch period can be utilized immediately once the transfer is made.

Our Track Record

We have a long and proven track record of dispatching immediately effective personnel to numerous clients, including major corporations.
An introduction to some of the achievements we have made.

  • ロボット製品のソフトウェア開発
    Robot Product Software Development
    MORABU is involved in the development of software to diagnose malfunctions in robots. We will continue to add functions and develop applications in response to our observations of the state of the robot. Our efforts make contributions to the high-profile industrial robot market.

    Information Processing

  • 各種システム対応制御盤設計
    Electric Power Steering System Prototyping & Evaluation
    In order to improve the performance of power steering systems in automobiles, we compile and examine data from measurement equipment.


  • 航空機搭載通信機器のシステム検証
    Aircraft Onboard Communication Equipment System Verification
    In the event of a malfunction in an aircraft’s communication equipment system, we investigate the cause and address any problems. Microwave measurements and wiring inspections are also performed in the process.


  • 大型プラント設計
    Large-Scale Plant Design
    We design large-scale plants including LNG regasification facilities, general waste treatment plants, and chemical plants, as well as conveyor and distribution systems.


  • Information Processing
    FA Control System Development Electric power systems, plant systems, manufacturing & production management systems
    Microcomputer Control System Development Engines, air conditioners, TVs, Blu-ray players & recorders
    IT Solutions
    Network System
    & ICT System Development
    Business management systems (production & quality control), data integration systems, data analysis, IoT/AI solutions
    Web System Development Multimedia systems (car navigation systems), mobile systems (mobile phone apps)
    Languages C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, Assembler, COBOL, Visual Basic, VBA, Delphi, PL/I, VB.NET, VC++.NET, VC#.NET, RPG, SQL
  • Electrical & Electronics
    Power Electronics System Design CVCF & UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) control design
    Drive System Design VVVF (inverter) control design, electric vehicle control design
    Industrial & Production Line System Design Automation, energy conservation, environmentally friendly design
    System Control Panel Design PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) [sequence controllers], relay circuits, hardware & software design
    Analog Circuit Design Computer peripherals, office automation equipment, audiovisual equipment
    Digital Circuit Design CPU peripheral circuits, FPGA logic design, AD & OA specification circuit design
    Electronic Component Design Switching power supply
  • Machinery
    Transport Equipment Design Railway vehicles, belt conveyors, elevators
    Industrial Machinery & Motor Design Injection molding machines, dust collectors, gas turbines, steam turbines
    Mechatronics Design Printed circuit boards, manufacturing equipment, semiconductor, liquid crystal manufacturing equipment design
    Precision Instrument Design Medical equipment, electron microscopes

Our Business

An introduction to other business carried out by MORABU HANSHIN Industry.